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Most homeowners often make significant investments in achieving a beautiful floor for their house. Be it marble flooring, durable tile, luxurious hardwood or the latest designs offered by vinyl, every flooring costs significantly; when you have hired the best flooring contractor in Brisbane and have obtained the perfect installation, you must make extra efforts to keep your floors maintained.

Flooring in a living space enhances the aesthetic appeal, reveals your taste, and demonstrates your class. Beautiful and well-maintained floors create a long-lasting and positive impression on the visitors. So when you maintain the floors, you not only protect your investment but also maintain your social status. Through this blog, let us learn some tips from expert flooring contractors to maintain the investment you made in achieving beautiful flooring.

1. Lay a robust foundation with professional installation

Nothing can beat the installation quality that professional flooring contractors can offer. If you want a long-lasting floor, it is best to go for expert installation services. Professional flooring contractors prepare the subfloor properly. With expert flooring installation in Brisbane, you can easily avoid issues like unevenness or moisture problems. You get a perfectly installed floor that is visually appealing and guarantees minimum risk in the future.

2. Maintain a daily cleaning routine

Daily cleaning helps to maintain the original shine of the floor. All you need is the right cleaning material and the right products. Here, it is important to note you must treat different flooring materials with different cleaning methods and products to protect their shine and polish for a long time. Make sure you talk to the flooring contractors in Brisbane during installation and understand the cleaning needs of the particular flooring. A general advice is to use minimum water on hardwood floors to prevent them from warping or damaging.

3. Buy good quality doormats and area rugs

Installing doormats and area rugs is a great way to protect your flooring. Doormats and area rugs at the entrance and high-traffic areas work the best in maintaining the quality of floors. It prevents your expensive damage from regular wear and tear and also prevents a lot of dirt, grit and moisture from reaching the floors. Make use of this simple yet effective practice, primarily to protect the laminate flooring.

4. Get the right cleaning product

Cleaning products can make or break the finish and appearance of your floor. For example, the use of harsh chemicals can cause significant and irreparable damage to your floor. It can also harm the integrity of the material. Hence, using the appropriate and high-quality cleaning products is advised to preserve the look and finish of your expensive flooring. It is best to discuss the most suitable product with the expert flooring contractors in Brisbane. Expert guidance will help you determine and obtain the right material conveniently.

5. Attend to accidental spills and stains promptly

No matter what, you cannot avoid accidental spills and stains on your expensive floors. However, immediate action taken as a protection measure can help avoid damage from stains or spills. Experts advise blotting the stained area and cleaning the accidental spill with a clean and dry cloth. If you feel the stain to be tough, clean it as advised by your flooring contractor during installation or follow the user’s manual in case you have installed the flooring yourself. Make sure not to use any abrasive tool in the process and cause scratches.

6. Prevent your furniture from causing scratches

If you reflect, most of the scratches on the floor have been caused by furniture. When we move furniture, we have a casual habit of dragging it instead of lifting it, which is enough to cause long and unsightly scratches that remain forever. Experts recommend using furniture pads or felt protectors on the bottoms of heavy furniture to avoid damage to the floor caused by the furniture.

Bottom Line

With the above-recommended tips from experts, you can keep your flooring protected and preserved for years. However, if your floors have lost the look entirely or are filled with multiple irreparable scratches that look unsightly, you can plan for a new flooring installation in Brisbane. Today, you have comprehensive flooring options available at affordable prices, and our flooring contractors at Reality Flooring can guide you to the most suitable one to blend with your indoor decor.

Are you still thinking? Explore a myriad of designs and materials for your floors. Reach out to the best flooring contractor in Brisbane now for high quality installation and perfect guidance on maintenance!

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