flooring installation in Brisbane

Do you want to provide the best living environment for our furry friends? If yes, then you must know about the flooring well, too. When you choose the right flooring, it not only makes the aesthetics beautiful but also provides durability and safety for our beloved dogs.

However, there are too many options available, and it is natural to get confused when deciding on the best flooring installation in Brisbane for a dog-friendly house. Let us, therefore, read through some factors to keep a note while choosing flooring for your canine companions.

1. Scratch and stain resistance

Dogs are known for their playful and energetic nature. Their activities sometimes lead to scratches and spills on the floor. It is important to choose a flooring material that is scratch and stain-resistant, and the best examples are hardwood or laminate. These materials are not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain. It is best to avoid materials like carpet or linoleum as they can easily get damaged by your dog’s claws and accidents.

2. Moisture resistance

You have always to be ready for accidents that happen with puppies or older dogs. Get the right flooring installation in Brisbane that can handle occasional spills and accidents. Materials like vinyl, tile, and concrete are all water-resistant and easy to clean. They also prevent moisture from seeping into the subfloor, which can ultimately result in mould and mildew growth.

3. Slip-resistance

Dog paws are not designed to grip smooth surfaces, which makes them slip and fall often. This is especially important for older dogs or breeds with mobility issues. Look for flooring options that have a textured or non-slip surface, such as tile or vinyl. If you prefer a smoother surface, adding rugs or mats can provide your dog with better traction and prevent accidents.

4. Durability

Dogs can be really rough on floors sometimes, especially in high-traffic areas. So, you must choose a flooring material that can strongly withstand the wear and tear of your dog’s daily activities. Hardwood, bamboo, and tile will be the most durable options that can handle heavy foot traffic and regular cleaning. Avoid softer materials like cork or pine, which can easily get scratched or dented by your dog’s nails.

5. Pet-friendly finish

If you are opting for hardwood or bamboo flooring Installation , it is essential to select a pet-friendly finish. High gloss finishes can be slippery for dogs and also show scratches easily. A matte or satin finish will not only provide better traction for your dog but also help hide scratches and imperfections.

6. Read your dog’s habits

It is important to learn about your dog’s habits when choosing flooring for your home. For example, if your dog likes to dig or scratch the floor, it is best to avoid materials like hardwood or laminate that can easily get damaged. If your dog tends to chew on things, avoid carpets or rugs that can be a choking hazard.

7. Easy to clean

Finally, with dogs in the house, you would need a material that is easy to clean. Accidents and spills are bound to happen when pets are at home. A flooring installation in Brisbane that is easy to clean and maintain offers a hygienic living space for your dog and saves you time and effort. Choose materials like tile, vinyl, and laminate, as they are all easy to clean with just a damp mop or cloth.

With the right flooring installation, you can create a safe and comfortable living space for both you and your furry friend. Looking for the right type of flooring? Let our flooring installation experts at Reality Flooring guide you. Call us today to get a free consultation for our services!