We are proud of our legacy as Brisbane’s premier carpet installation service for residential and commercial clients. Our team of expert provides carpet installation services in the Brisbane region. Our installers have worked on projects in various industries, including new home carpet installations, house renovations, office carpet, hotels, clubs, retail, and healthcare carpet.

We offer a full-service package that includes take-up and removal of previous floor coverings, floor preparation, furniture removals, and the option of cleaning upon completion of the carpet installation. Our customer service staff and project managers will guarantee that every carpet installation goes successfully, with continuous contact throughout the procedure. When there is a need for a call back after your carpet has been laid, we will organise for the team to return as soon as possible to examine and correct any concerns.

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Step by step guide to carpet installation:

If you prefer to install the carpet yourself or just want to learn more about carpet installation, the following is a step-by-step guide:

  • We remove the old carpet and inspect the flooring for levelness and cleanliness.
  • Install a carpet gripper around the room’s perimeter, leaving a 15mm space between the wall and the carpet.
  • Using a knife, cut the underlay to size.
  • Secure the underfelt by its edges with a staple hammer and apply another layer.
  • Roll out the carpet, correctly measure it, then cut it to size with a sharp knife.
  • Secure the rug between the gripper and the skirting board with a knee kicker.
  • Push any remaining carpet onto the gripper with a carpet tucker.